Beauty Boost Detox with Chef Nikki Croes

Beauty Boost Detox with Chef Nikki Croes

Clearer skin, brighter eyes, flatter tummy, and a younger (happier) you… No, I didn’t discover the fountain of youth, just delicious healthy, whole foods with Nikki Croes!

Detoxification is your body’s way of removing and eliminating toxins—toxins that accelerate the aging process. If your body is functioning properly, detoxification occurs naturally, and you experience the beautifying benefits. Poor diet, stress and environmental factors can compromise the detoxification process, leaving you with dark circles, adult acne and even serious belly bloat.

What can you do? Learn what your body needs to feel fit & fabulous every day!

*Nikki *will share her secrets to supporting the 5 systems responsible for detoxification through mindful eating and clean living. Her approach is simple, practical and perfect for foodies—no juices or fasts required.

Rebecca will lead you in the perfect accompaniment to receive Nikki’s tips: pranayama (breathing techniques) a strong, detoxifying asana practice and a short meditation.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • How to keep your 5 detox systems running like Olympic athlete
  • The best beauty-enhancing foods (and we’re not talkin’ wheat thins; we’re talkin’ real, good food)
  • Lifestyle tips and beauty products straight from your pantry
  • Simple steps to start your detox now!
  • Pranayam techniques designed to support your detoxification systems
  • The best yoga poses to support detox system function


  • A healthy snack during the event (because I promised no fasting)
  • A cheat-sheet of notes and tips to support your Beauty Boost Detox
  • Drool-worthy recipes
  • A daily yoga asana sequence to support your detoxification practices

To sign up, contact Rebecca or sign up at ISHTA Yoga

About Chef Nikki

Rebecca often collaborates and is excited to present this workshop with chef and yogini Nikki Croes. Nikki is a Clean Foods Chef, having trained at the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health & Culinary Arts and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. After graduation, she completed an internship with the Green Table in Chelsea Market—an organic, farm-to-table eatery in New York City. With a vast interest in travel, she packed up and moved to London for two years to experience the food and culture of many countries in and around Europe.

Today, Nikki is back in NY working as a Personal Chef and Health Coach. Her focus is on cooking nutritious, mouthwatering, (mostly) plant-based meals for her clients and their families. She also teaches busy people how easy, fun and fabulous it is to cut the crap out of their diets and revitalize their health one delicious bite at a time.

Find out more about Nikki’s Healing Kitchen here.