Master Classes & Workshops

Dig In and Get your Groove On @The Yoga Collective - May 30th

A one-hour flow, meditation and reflection designed to refresh, reinforce and sustain your personal practice.

Dig In and Get your Groove On @The Yoga Collective

Stoke, Sweat + Center - A Master Class at The Yoga Collective - May 20th

Rebecca Soule, PhD is thrilled to offer her signature master class, Stoke, Sweat + Center, at The Yoga Collective just in time for your transition from spring to summer. This 2-hour master class is designed to introduce you to the elements of agni sara, arguably one of the most important and indispensable master practices of Hatha Yoga. Agni sara is a yoga technique that combines elements of both pranayama and asana practice. The term comes from the Sanskrit, agni, which means “fire,” and sara, which means “energy,” “essence” or “cascade”.

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