Master Classes & Workshops

Chakra Balancing and Gayatri Mantra

Join Rebecca for a special satsang and yoga class. We will discuss the use of mantras in meditation and our practice, and follow with an asana practice designed to physically balance the chakras. This chakra-balancing practice will prepare you to sit in meditation and to receive the Gayatri Mantra. Leave feeling balanced physically, mentally and with the profound sense of clarity that being initiated with this mantra gives you.


When: Sunday, April 14, 1pm-3pm
Where: Savannah Power Yoga, Savannah, GA


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Tend the Fire & Transform Your Practice: Agni Sara The Fire Within


This 2-hour master class is designed to introduce you to the elements of agni sara, arguably one of the most important and indispensable master practices of Hatha Yoga. Agni sara is a yoga technique that combines elements of both pranayama and asana practice. The term comes from the Sanskrit, agni, which means “fire,” and sara, which means “energy,” “essence” or “cascade”.


When: Friday, April 12, 5:45pm-7:45pm
Where: Savannah Power Yoga, Savanna GA


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