Stoke, Sweat + Center - A Master Class at The Yoga Collective

Stoke, Sweat + Center - A Master Class at The Yoga Collective

When: Sunday, May 20th 2:30pm-4:30pm
Where: The Yoga Collective: 135 West 29th Street between 6th & 7th Avenues, 6th Floor, #603, NYC

Rebecca Soule, PhD is thrilled to offer her signature master class, Stoke, Sweat + Center, at The Yoga Collective just in time for your transition from spring to summer. This 2-hour master class is designed to introduce you to the elements of agni sara, arguably one of the most important and indispensable master practices of Hatha Yoga. Agni sara is a yoga technique that combines elements of both pranayama and asana practice. The term comes from the Sanskrit, agni, which means “fire,” and sara, which means “energy,” “essence” or “cascade”.

In this class Rebecca will discuss the physiological, energetic and psychological benefits that you will gain from a daily practice of agni sara. We will also consider how this practice works synergistically with your meditation practice to bring stability and strength into your daily life. The timing - as we find ourselves in yet another transition, from spring into summer - is excellent; agni sara helps to increase vitality, provide steadiness and reduce anxiety.

After discussion, Rebecca will guide you in a session designed to teach the elements and methods involved in the practice of agni sara: a series of warming movements, strengthening and activation of the bandhas, as well as breathing and kriya techniques. To further demonstrate the benefits of these practices, you will move directly into a seated meditation practice. We end with a delicious, supported savasana that allows absorption and integration of all that you have learned.

*Payment can be in cash or to Rebecca Soule via PayPal: PayPal.Me/SouleYoga.
**Payments and “no shows” are non-refundable and not transferable.
**This workshop will sell out! Space is limited - please register in advance!
To Register: Email Laura at if would like to reserve a spot.

BONUS: Sign up and pay in full in advance and included is the one-hour follow-up class on Wednesday, May 30th, 7am-8am! Rebecca wants to support your new practice and offers this class as a continuation to your studies. A one-hour flow, meditation and reflection designed to refresh, reinforce and sustain your personal practice.

About Rebecca: Rebecca combines her background in evolution and developmental biology with her 20 years of experience in practice and teaching yoga to provide accessible, intelligent transmission of yoga, tantra, philosophy and anatomy. Her students describe her classes as a place for challenge, nourishment, inspiration and ease. A 500-hr E-RYT, Rebecca is a Sadhaka and Senior Teacher in the ISHTA Yoga lineage, and continues to practice with and learn from her teachers, Alan Finger, Peter Ferko and Rod Stryker.