Stoke + Sweat + Center. Then socialize.

Stoke + Sweat + Center. Then socialize.

Finally, the wait is over.

Saturday, May 7th, 6-9pm, Atmananda Yoga Studio & Kitchen.

Rebecca is hosting another of her popular Master Class collaborations. With much thought and practice, she has developed what she sees as her signature class: Stoke, Sweat, and Center. This 2-hour master class is designed to help you stoke your inner fire, release impurities, and to sit for meditation, centered, and at ease.

While many of the elements in her Master Class are included in her group classes, this extended time allows for detailed instruction and incorporation of warming movements, bandha engagement, breath and kriya techniques, followed by deep integration of these practices through restorative postures and meditation. 

After the 2-hour class, enjoy delicious tapas and refreshments, prepared by a SURPRISE GUEST CHEF! The surprise chef will also be on hand to share recipes, cooking and nutritional tips (plus their stunningly wonderful personality) with you.

A perfect Saturday night to treat yourself to, share with friends, or as a great date night! You will leave with a bounce in your step, energized, and connected. (And maybe with some new friends, too!)

Registration is recommended. Email Rebecca directly to inquire, or sign up and save your spot. $35 pre-registration, $45 the day of.  

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