Sound + Sankalpa

Sound + Sankalpa

Jennifer Vagios and Rebecca Soule team up for a transformative master class: Sound and Sankalpa. This class is designed to give you what you need to let your unconscious present your deepest desire, instill this desire as intention, and fulfill your life purpose. 

When we access pure consciousness we reveal what drives us, our deepest desire. This revelation has the potential to lead us into a life of fulfillment. How can this be? Because to know your desire is to know your life’s purpose, your dharma. To understand what propels you each day is profound. You live to full capacity. No more feeling stuck, spinning the wheels in the mud. More living with lightness, momentum and joy. Every action you take feeds your purpose.

How then, do we access this internal, pure consciousness so that we can know our driving desire, our life’s purpose? What keeps us from fulfilling our purpose? Can we create momentum around our purpose and move forward? YES. Absolutely.

Movement + Meditation + Sound = Access + Stability + Resolve.

This two-hour class will include:
An asana (yoga posture) sequence accessible to all levels, designed to release physical tension and create stability. The more steady we feel physically, the easier it is to unearth stability in our mind.

A meditation practice with kriya techniques (yoga of action) specific to generate stability in the mind. Once stabilized, we can begin to access and experience the part of our mind that is beyond analytical - more intuitive. Sankalpa - mental resolve - arises from this intuitive mind space and gives you the trust and energy to fulfill your purpose.

A sound bath that allows you to effortlessly unwind, relax and restore. You comfortably recline and allow the healing vibrations from a variety of modern and ancient instruments to wash over and through you. The harmonic vibrations resonate within your body at the cellular level.

Combined, the asana, sankalpa meditation and sound bath, leave you prepared to move in your life with ease, purpose and resolve to live your best life.

When: Saturday, February 2, 4pm-6pm 
Where: Hastings Yoga, 45 Main Street, Hastings on Hudson
Fee: $45 in advance / $50 day of
To register, email Laura: