Yoga Practice and Mini-Spa Day to Melt Away the Midwinter Blues

Yoga Practice and Mini-Spa Day to Melt Away the Midwinter Blues

Friday, February 6th, 2-5pm, ISHTA Yoga, uptown studio.

In the depth of winter, we experience a natural closing inward, as the days are short and the sun is low in the sky. We can observe winter with grace and understanding, from a sattvic, or balanced place, witnessing the experiences of winter instead of becoming defined by them. But winter’s chill and long nights can wear on us, pulling us out of balance and bringing with it a feeling of tamas or inertia, and even sadness.

Scheduled for the heart of winter to warm you inside and out, ISHTA Yoga teacher Rebecca Soule has designed a 3-hour mini-spa retreat at ISHTA’s cozy uptown studio. This experience is designed to balance you inside and out, to find that place of ease, sattva, within you. You will feel free to face the remaining days of winter with warmth in your heart and the sensation of a smile on your skin and face. Let Rebecca welcome you at the uptown studio with a warm, balancing tea, a bag of gifts, and space prepared just for you to begin your mini-spa experience. Next, Rebecca will assist and help you fill out an Ayurvedic questionnaire to understand your individual dosha. Learn and sample essential oils that help to nourish dry skin, bring relief to achy muscles and joints, or calm your spirit with scent.

Rebecca will then lead you through a warming pranayam and asana practice. The practice will lead you into a restorative yoga nidra, with eye mask, eye pillow and other treats specifically designed to enhance and deepen the relaxing and restorative experience. Your afternoon will end in a brief seated meditation. Leave feeling warm, strong, and restored, ready to face the remaining days of winter with sunshine in your heart and a bag of goodies in your hand!

Price of workshop includes your personal take-home goody bag. (Space is limited to 18, so please register early)

Price: $45 in advance, $55 day of.

For more information, contact Rebecca. Ready to sign up? Click here.