About Rebecca

Rebecca Cheeks Soule is a leading yoga teacher based in New York City, an E-RYT 500 in the ISHTA lineage, and holds a PhD in Biology from UNC-Chapel Hill. She began practicing and informally teaching yoga in 1998. Be it biology or yoga, Rebecca has been teaching students of all ages and backgrounds her entire adult life. She and her Soule Man (the E is silent) live a very full life in New York City, where Rebecca teaches and practices yoga and meditation.

In 2010 Rebecca switched gears from research and teaching science to begin teaching yoga full-time. Since then, Rebecca has completed trainings to teach children’s yoga, restorative yoga, prenatal yoga, yoga nidra, ISHTA Marma therapy, and yoga for veterans coping with post-traumatic stress and much more. Besides a full schedule teaching at ISHTA, she enjoys learning from and assisting her teacher Alan Finger with marma therapy, ISHTA trainings, and in his meditation classes. Her continued growth as a teacher is also enhanced by attending trainings with Rod Stryker.

Rebecca helps her students grow to their fullest potential, in mind, body, and spirit. She feels strongly that achieving a greater awareness of breath, body and mind brings balance into your life and will help you to realize your fullest potential.

Ultimately, she helps her students gain physical ease in the body, clarity and peace of mind, and to experience the boundless potential of spirit. Rebecca's teaching will guide you towards the wisdom and intelligence you have inside of you, towards your own inner teacher.

Adventure + Yoga: Travel with Soule
In working as a coordinator of yoga retreats, leader of workshops and gatherings for several years, I've had time to think about how I would do it and more importantly, why.

The intention driving Adventure + Yoga: Travel with Soul(e), is to provide an experience that lends each participant the opportunity for connection, expansion and congruity. To give you the time and space to feel a greater connection to yourself, and ultimately with the people and world around you as you experience different cultures and activities. With these deeper connections you may feel a sense of expansiveness that goes beyond the boundaries of your body or arbitrary borders of countries. And in this connected, expansive state, perhaps you feel a congruity- a quality of agreement and appropriateness in community and communication. Ease, with yourself, with others, with the forces of the universe.
In this spirit, I welcome you to this trip with love. I hope you have an incredible journey now, and always.


200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training, Sonic Yoga
300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training, ISHTA Yoga
50-Hour Advanced Teacher Training, ISHTA Yoga
Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500
Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider

Advanced Yoga Anatomy with Jason Ray Brown and Kristin Leal
MetaAnatomy & Therapeutics Training with Kristin Leal
Children's Yoga Teacher Training, Little Flower Yoga
Marma Apprenticeship with Alan Finger (3+ years), ISHTA Yoga
Marma Training I & II, ISHTA Yoga
Master Teacher Training, ISHTA Yoga
Mindful Yoga Therapy for Veterans Coping with Trauma (PTSD), Veterans Yoga Project
ParaYoga Trainings with Rod Stryker: Tantra Shakti, Sri Vidya, Koshas
Prenatal Yoga, ISHTA Yoga
Restorative Yoga, ISHTA Yoga
Sadhaka & Shakti Pat Initiate, Senior Teacher in the ISHTA Yoga Lineage
Yoga Nidra Training, ISHTA Yoga
Student of Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD, Leader of the Himalayan Institute

Master of Science, Marine Biology & Sea Turtle Ecology, Florida Atlantic University
Doctorate of Science, Evolutionary and Developmental Biology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Howard Hughes Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California, Berkeley