All Mixed Up

All Mixed Up

Our weather is all mixed up. Not just where I live, but where you are and all around the world, we all see and feel a difference in the way our weather patterns are now compared to how they were historically.

April showers to May flowers? March winds, coming in like a lion and out like a lamb? If you live in the northeastern United States, it was more like spring is the new winter and we called it “sprinter”. In Morocco it rained more in March than it had in recorded history. In April, we were cold until we hit those record highs, we had some rain towards the end, and May began with April showers.

Balance. Equilibrium. Sattva. Humans seek balance. With each other, in our environment, within ourselves. Our planet seeks that same balance, organically. When we take in toxins our bodies have specialized organs that help us to expel them. Our planet has processes to recover from pollutants as well. Like our bodies and organs, our world can only take so much before it starts to break down, and no longer be able to recover. We have to help.

New York City has combined sewage systems. What does this mean? Basically, we combine stormwater runoff from street and other surfaces with our sewage treatment water. So when it rains, stormwater runoff overwhelms our sewage treatment plants. When we have any type of storm that adds water to the systems, our treatment plants overflow. Right. Into. The Hudson, East River and all other surrounding waterways.

What can YOU do about this? WAIT. That’s all you have to do. Wait for the storm to pass before you:

  • Take a long shower or bath
  • Do laundry
  • Run the dishwasher or hand wash dishes
  • Flush the toilet
  • WAIT for the storm to pass.

Imagine if 8 million people reduced their water usage (and the subsequent output) while we are in a rainstorm! The sewers would (mostly) be dealing with the rains, sleet, snow, and not all of our extra input.

When it isn’t raining, what can YOU do? Take care of the trees!

The trees in your neighborhood and along your streets live in a lovely little soil bed that helps to manage stormwater. When we don’t care for the soil around the tree, gets compacted or choked up with dirt or trash. This limits the soil’s natural ability to drain and treat water. Taking care of your street’s trees can go a long way to contribute to stormwater management!

Wait, there’s MORE that you can do? YES!

KEEP LITTER OUT OF THE STREETS! Litter goes right into the stormwater runoff and into the sewer system. Into OUR WATERWAYS! By keeping your block clean, sweeping up PET WASTE and TRASH and properly throwing it away, YOU directly improve your local water health and safety!

Help our environment find the same balance you seek. Reduce water usage during rain events, care for the gardens and tree pits in your neighborhood and along your street, properly dispose of rubbish and waste.

Remember: YOU can MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Every day.

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