Great So(u)les

Great So(u)les

Great So(u)les are sometimes hard to find, but easy to recognize by another great Soule. 

More than just socks, Great Soles are super for practicing or teaching yoga in. Used as a sock, they are thin enough to slip into your shoes or tennies without taking up too much room. On your yoga mat, if you are plagued with sweaty feet, they keep you from slipping. As a yoga teacher, they provide grip on studio floors if walking around and during demonstrations off of your mat. 

In hopes of finding out more, I interviewed Nancy Bass, awesome Soul(e), co-founder of Great Soles, generous contributor to my workshops, and dedicated yoga practitioner.

Here's what Nancy had to share:

Who are the great souls behind Great Soles?

Great Soles was created by myself and my sister , with the goal to create a business that could help people in many ways.

Do you and/or your sister practice yoga and/or meditation?

Yes, I practice yoga. I find it inspiring and rejuvenating. It allows me to think less and do more.

What is something about Great Soles that most people do not know?

Great Soles is committed to the fight against melanoma and breast cancer. Through the Great Soles Giving Program, the funds we raise go to public awareness, patient care and innovative clinical research.

What meal do you enjoy most- breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

Breakfast is my favorite meal as it is the fresh start to a new day.

Where was the last place you travelled to?

Montauk, Long Island- the beach!

What is your favorite color/style of Great Soles?

That is a hard question, I love all of our treaded socks, and am excited about the new accessories we are creating. If I have to choose one, my favorite would be our performance sock- I wear it in and outside of the [yoga] studio.  

 Great Soles can be found at their New York City "showcase" studio, ISHTA Yoga, and on the website,  

This Soule's favorite Great Soles are the Half Toe Grip sock (so you can see your pedicure, of course) and, like Nancy, the Performance Grip sock. Proceeds from the purchase of the Black Ribbon Sock go to the Melanoma Research Foundation (MRF), and Great Soles contributed both ballet socks and Kickstarter support to Dancing Dreams. So purchase a pair (or three!), slip them on, feel good about giving and getting while you practice, and as always: Enjoy! 

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