The One-Minute Hug

The One-Minute Hug

My Soule Man once said: “We need to hug more often. That’s what I want for Christmas. Next year, every day, a hug. For one minute.” I thought: Who can argue against a one-minute hug? Sounds simple, right? It is.

As with most practices, commitment and consistency is the challenge and, exponentially, the reward.

Here’s our formula:

  • Hug.
  • No innuendo, just a hug. Heart to heart, all available arms wrapped around torso, at or above waist height.
  • No talking. Just hugging.
  • One minute.

The first few times, you might have to set a reminder and a timer to hug for a full minute. A minute feels like a lot longer than you might think, especially if you and your hugging partner don’t already have a regular habit of hugging or slowing down.

After a while* you won’t need the timer, and you won’t need a reminder. You may even get to the point where one of you may know when you both need to stop and have the hug. It’s pretty cool, connecting or re-connecting with the person you love and live with. For some, hugging may seem super uncomfortable and totally weird. So maybe, simply commit to hugging more. Commit to one, undisturbed minute with each other. That’s a little less than the time it took you to read this.

Rebecca & Soule Man

*The length of “a while” can be different for everyone.

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